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Message of Administrative Judge                                                                                                       District and Session Court
Really its a matter of immense pleasure for me that Kaushambi Judgeship is very progressive in developing Infrastructural and ICT facilities (Information and Communication Technology ) for all, irrespective of their status, sex, creed, ethnicity and disability .An Infrastructure Development Plan and Strategy will be developed to accelerate the construction and refurbishment of Courts with support of Information and Communication Technology which can facilitate speedier trials and enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of administrative processes through data management, data processing and securing of information while guaranteeing more transparency and fairness in the adjudication of cases and facilitating internal and external communication. The automation of Courts also has the potential to enhance public confidence in the judicial process by minimizing the risk of misplacement or loss of court files. I am very glad and thankful to learned District Judge and his learned members who made this dream come true, though its a beginning but our aim is that Judiciary should achieve its ultimate objectives and expeditiously deliver justice to the common people......... .. Jai Hind
Message of District and Session Judge
On the occasion of launching this ICT facility On the occasion of launching this ICT facility accessible to all at Kaushambi Judgeship in such a short span of time is a pleasure for us . Judiciary is still the last refuge for the helpless and the harassed litigants. The increasing arrears of cases in Courts, particularly in District Courts, has been a cause of great concern. The objective of bringing about the reduction in the time consuming for disposal of cases and to reduce the existing pendency of cases in a time bound period is of paramount importance . It is well known that inordinate delay in dispensation of justice is a denial to the litigant‘s faith and confidence in the Judicial system . Uses of computer in Judicial work may be one of the mode to shorten the inordinate delay . Increase in population, lack of adequate number of courts, disproportionate judges' strength as against the population, lack of ministerial manpower, lack of infrastructure, snails pace in computerization and use of information technology, inadequate budgetary allocations for judiciary, lack of awareness, literacy, accessibility, resources and often non-cooperation of Lawyers are the reasons for huge pendency and delay in disposal of cases . Kaushambi being a newly created District, there is lack of Infrastructure and other facilities . We are aheading towards complete Computerization and Infrastructure facility (including seven new Courtrooms, 12 residences for Judicial Officers, ADR Centre, District Judge's residence, allocation of land for Gram Nyayalaya and Video Conferencing Room, which are under construction) to our Litigants, Advocates, Judicial Officers and Ministrial Staff for congenial work atmosphere and to enhance efficiency in performance of all concerned under the precious guidance and support of our Hon'ble Administrative Judge . Hon'ble Dr. Jayendra Thaker, Administrative Judge, Kaushambi, Hon'ble High Court, Allahabad has always taken keen interest and support to facilitate us to create atmosphere for computerization and infrastructure facilities . His personal interest has not only encouraged us, has helped a lot to create and start the work assigned in a decent manner at flore and will complete the tasks shortly . No doubt that the dream of ideal Judgeship will be true in near future . Thank you, Jai Hind . . .
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